As with any aspect of network technology, it is important to plan your server provision carefully as part of your wider ICT strategy. Gaia’s approach to the server and storage design is based on:

  • Performance where the latest state-of-the-art processors will deliver support for the virtualised server infrastructure
  • Flexibility that would allow servers to be deployed for any task or application
  • Scalability where additional physical or virtual servers can be added with the minimum disruption to the production system
  • Resilience where the collection of virtual servers are automatically migrated from one physical server or storage array to another in case of hardware failure without users being aware of any downtime
  • Manageability where a central management system allows the IT staff control of any servers in the infrastructure
  • Ease of Use where all servers are based on a familiar interface
  • Resilient Storage Array where more than one storage array is connected into the network
  • High Performance where servers and storage are interconnected
  • Business Continuity where data on the network is continuously being replicated between the various physical storage arrays
  • Disaster Recovery where remote campus based continuous data backup is taking place every 15 minutes

Storage Infrastructure

Data, and the storage of data, is a fundamental component of computing. Gaia provide a wide range of storage options; whether you require network-level storage in the form of a Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS), cloud data storage for essential offsite backup or Hard Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD) or Secure Digital (SD) cards to beef up device storage.

Gaia has close relationships with the leading storage producers which, combined with our team of highly qualified, highly experienced team of engineers ensures that we provide safe, secure and reliable data storage solutions at market-leading prices.

As well as supplying the necessary hardware and software for a server and storage infrastructure, Gaia provides a complete infrastructure solution, from initial consultation and survey through to supply, installation, training and management, using our teams of fully qualified, high level engineers and ICT technicians. We also provide full after sales support, including training and enhanced swap-out warranties, to minimise any downtime.